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Saturday, May 06, 2017

I'm feeling overwhelmed and understood yet pulled in several directions away from where I thought I was supposed to be right now.

I'm living the life of a freelancer and enjoying the freedom that comes with setting my own hours, going to the meetings I choose, working with clients I like and dismissing those who don't suit me.

Then, a job opens up before me that will pay me much, much more than I am making currently - I mean a whole lot more, with the benefits I cannot afford to give myself and I want to run away from it. Am I nuts? This job could set me up for retirement, if I should get it and now I'm feeling like my son did when he was offered the chance to make half again at a job he did not want than he's making at the job he calls "Glorious."

It's great when people see more potential in me than I feel, but it's also uncomfortable to try new things. Still, I am the one who usually encourages others to jump and build their wings on the way down. I guess it's time to practice what I've preached.

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