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Saturday, August 03, 2002

Like the tide washing away your name in the sand
Time rushes in, and before you know she's been there, she's gone
You've been changed by her
Yet you can't feel the metamorphosis
Until one day, you tell someone about something that happened
"Just the other day"
And you both realize that the other day was
Last month
Or last year
Or a quarter of a century ago
When you buy alcohol and the cashiers stop asking for your ID

You know
Time has paid you a visit
You run to your car and look in your mirror
You still feel like you are only 17
When ALL of the bagboys call you Ma'am
And telephone solicitors stop asking to speak to your mother
Your friends become grandparents

You know

Time was at your door
not just once in a blue moon
or after a late night dancing
or working too long in the garden
But every morning and every night
It hurts as much to get into
as it hurts to get out of
You know

When your golden hair turns silver
And your crow's feet grow legs

You know

When every New Year's Eve Resolution is already a broken promise
You have no intention of waking earlier each morning
You need your sleep
No real intention of walking every evening
Your feet are killing you
Reading the Classics
Your Bi-focals need bi-focals
Or to go on a D-I-E-T
Which, by the way is a four letter word!
has been your constant companion
Like a hummingbird's wings
Flapping so fast they seem not to move at all
Humming in your ear as you wonder
What WAS that?
She was here, but now she's gone
You know she was real
and not
some imaginary playmate
Yet, you don't feel her seductive movements
You can't really tell that she has been to near you
Until one day
You realize
Your children
are having children
Your Christmas trees are getting smaller
and less grandiose
Your shoes are
You still have the same goals and ideals
You still dream the same dreams
But now you realize that they are just

Never to be fulfilled

Well, Maybe
With a little