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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Mindless Ramblings

I had a thought! I am sure of it. That is why I came to the computer and logged in. I wanted to share my thought, but as quickly as it entered my mind, it was gone. But that's not a real problem, because I have several actual thoughts every day, and a few ideas a week. I do most of my thinking on Tuesday, or at least that is what I used to tell people when they'd ask me, "What do you think about . . ?"

"Oh, I can't think about that right now," I'd tell them. "I do all my thinking on Tuesdays."

It didn't always work, but it usually sent the less intelligent people elsewhere.

Speaking of intelligent people: I don't mind someone who just hasn't had the opportunity to learn, but I do object to constantly being exposed to people who think they are intelligent, but are merely pretentious. I'd like to shout, "If you know it, show it; if you don't, ask me. I probably don't know it either, but together we can find out the answer." I recently talked with a woman who told me that she "wants to live vivaciously through her daughter, " and I cringed. I know I have a love affair with words (and they don't even have to be English words!) so I am a bit over-protective of language, but my gosh! I wanted to shake her and scream at her. OK, I'll admit, I was dealing with a few other issues with her at the time, but dammit, if she wants to live through her daughter, can't she at least learn that the word is "vicariously"?

Now that I have vented about that particular subject, I feel tired. That one incident must have really weighed heavily on my literary self. Sometimes, I wonder why I care, but I can't help but care about languages.