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Saturday, August 24, 2002

My Internet Lover
You see me
in your imagination
based on the few facts
That I have shared
With you
I am
everything you imagine
and nothing of the sort
So much more
Yet so very different

I am no Barbie Doll
nor am I an Elle McPherson
or Imani
or Ford Model
Although I am not a Centerfold
I am beautiful
in many ways
If you look into my eyes
You’ll see the Who I Am
If you simply look upon my body
You may not want to look again

But look deeper, farther
go beyond my frame
See the Who I Am
the Woman of me
the Whole of me
My sensuality
My sexuality
My sensitivity
My seriousness
My silliness

I see you
Based on the few facts
You have shared
With me

I see a young, virile, sex machine
Just a wee bit taller than I
Eyes that change color with your moods
A body built to entice
too much
I see your healthy tanned skin
And legs I’d love to know better
But no more

You don’t tell me if your jaw is
squared or round
strong or slack
I can’t see if your eyes squint
Like Clint Eastwood’s
or open wide
Like Marty Feldman’s
I see no dimples
or freckles
or love handles
or hairiness
or lack of hair
or warts or moles
I cannot see the callouses on your hands
Or the blush on your cheeks when you are embarrassed

You are not my Ken Doll
or G.Q. Model

You may be the boy next door
Or the man of my dreams

I cannot see the Who You Are
I see words on a computer monitor
But those words
tell me the Who You are

I want to know your dreams
your heart
Your Who You Are

Let me gaze into your eyes
and look into your heart
so that I can see your SOUL