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Saturday, August 24, 2002

Talk, talk, Talk!

Talk about me all you want
I don’t mind at all
I can do just what I want
I am my own woman

Talk about me if it satiates your appetite
Tell your friends the latest tale

Eating the snack of my life makes you feel good
You think you are stronger than me
Better than me
More right and less wrong

You take the crumbs of my little life
And bake them into a gourmet dish for rumor -mongers

I have come to realize that it does not matter
I can be good or bad
And You will talk about me regardless
It does not matter what I do

Or if I do nothing at all
No matter who I see or what I say

You’re gonna make the story
The way you want it
More interesting than the truth
More distorted than the most ridiculous scandal

I used to wonder why you do these things
I once thought you cared.

I have come to understand that you care
Only for the meals you can eat
Consuming the tidbits of my life
Like a man condemned to eat no more

You dine lavishly on each bat of my eyelash
Each demurely spoken word

Gobbling up the phone calls that come to me
You wonder if THAT one is my lover
You want to know all the ingredients of my life
You want to know my secrets
You want to know who is important to me
And you want to know why.

Or do you just want to BE me?