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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

There is no Accounting for Taste

Curtis and I validated a suspicion last night. There really is no accounting for taste. Atlanta is home to the "Peachtree Westin" hotel, and the "SunDial" Restaurant. The restaruant sits atop the 72 story hotel, and revolves 360 degrees every hour. Since we first arrived in Atlanta, we have heard (mostly from the people Curtis works with) that the view was spectacular, but the food was less than appealing. The women at his office have repeated that the best idea was to go to the bar for drinks, and skip the meal. We have shared meals in other restaurants with these women. Neither Curtis nor I were impressed with the fare, but these same women who had given a bad review to the Sundial raved about the food we had eaten in other places. I had told Curtis that I believed if they enjoyed the food at these other places, they simply did not know what good food was, that the food at the Sundial may be expensive, or that they were trying to "keep it for themselves" by discouraging us from going there. Yesterday was his dad's 72nd birthday, and we were thrilled that he had chosen to come to Atlanta to celebrate. After taking them shopping yesterday, we took them to dinner last night. We had been discussing which restaurant to take them to, and I suggested that the view from the Sundial was supposed to surpass the food, and that I thought that would be a great place for a birthday dinner. I was right!

I made reservations, and we arrived 15 minutes early, but were seated immediately. The sun started setting about half an hour after we arrived, so we were graced with a daylight view, a sunset, and an evening view of this glorious city! We all enjoyed watching the city come alive with lights at night. One of the most intriguing, for me, was the olympic fountain in Centennial Park.

The food was five star: small, individual loaves of multi grain bread were brought to us, hot from the oven, and we ate them with herbed butter, while waiting for our selections. We were all equally impressed with our choices. I ordered a wilted spinich salad, and then Curtis and I shared an 18 ounce Prime Rib, which was cooked to perfection! Barbara had salmon with the largest plate of brocolli and hollandaise sauce I think I have ever seen. We all shared it! "Dad" (Curt) ordered a sirloin steak that made him moan with culinary delight. The salt encrusted potatoes that the guys ordered were so huge that Barbara and I shared them too. Even though we were stuffed, we found room for dessert, and I am so glad we did! Barbara and I had the only chocolate offering of the night, and Curt had Key Lime Brulee. Curtis drank his dessert: Bailey's Irish Creme. The waittress brought Curt his Brulee with a candle in it, and he was very impressed with the presentation as well as the taste. It was in it's own little custard dish, but she also brought him a scoop of chocolate ice cream (because "you can never have too much chocolate"). It was nestled in a small cup of some
sort of pastry, and floating in a sea of sauce that seemed to be made of chocolate and berry juices. There were blackberries and raspberries surrounding the cup, and strawberries on the ice cream. He shared his chocolate ice cream with us, and we were delighted with it, but no more than with our own sweet treats. The flourless cake was a small cupcake that tasted remarkably like a brownie, though I have no idea how it was done without flour. Next to the cake, was a dollop of chocolate mousse, and a
large scoop of Haagan Daas Cappuchino Ice cream. A small pile of whipped cream supported the base of a lacy black and white chocolate trellis, and we had sweet strawberries gracing our plates as well. The whole thing had been drizzled with an unbelievably sweet cream and chocolate sauce.

The meal was pricey, and not something we will repeat except for very special occasioins, but we will return! Curt raved about the experience. After dinner, we were walking around to the different observation decks and enjoying the view from different places, when Barbara called Curtis' step-brother and step-sister to tell them about the experience. Curt said he will email Patti (Curtis' sister) to tell her about it. They were both very impressed and grateful that we chose that place. The scenery was breathtaking, and Curt said "We will have to come back here every year, because there is no way you can top this for my birthday. This is going to be a tradition." When we parted last night Curt hugged both of us, but he kissed his son and as he thanked him, he said, " I love, love, love you Son. This was the very best birthday I have
ever had in my entire life." I was overflowing with joy at hearing this.

The women who "warned" us to not eat there, simply do not have a clue what they are missing. I believe the cost of the meal disarmed them. We enjoyed the meal, the view, and each other's company for over 3 hours. As Curt said, "Good times and good food should not be rushed". Before Curt blessed the meal, Curtis told him, "Dad, you don't have to talk too loud, we're really close to God right now." We had a delightful time, and I went to sleep feeling like a well fed, contented kitten. There is simply no accounting for taste!