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Sunday, August 11, 2002

Volcanic Obsession

In a sea of people I am an island. They ebb and flow all around me, merely touching the beaches of my emotions, not daring to come inland; until invited by the winds of my storms. They gently caress the hills of my concerns, then quickly recede. They tickle my mountains of care, and slowly subside. My volcanic obsession pours lava of compassion into the cooling sea of their indifference. Tides rise and backflow into the rivers of my anxiety and kill the organisms of my desire. There In the midst of this sea of people, I am alone, an island, withstanding every onslaught; never to be the same again, yet, not harmed by their erosions. I'm being tenderly sculpted daily. Each incoming tide brings new treasures to my feet, and each outgoing tide removes the ones I don't retain. I am an island in a sea of people. Shaped by their contact, yet still independent, thriving, strong, alone with my growth.