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Monday, August 05, 2002

The Wings of an Angel
I am trying to work on my template, and every time I hit the publish button to add my changes, I see in my mind's eye "The Wings of an Angel". I cannot continue with what I was doing until I address this. The thought will not leave my mind. It haunts me like Aunt Matilda haunted Uncle Henry when weeks after her death, he married the young school mistress. Now, I never actually had an Aunt Matilda (to my knowledge) and if I had an Uncle Henry, none of the family folklore has tales of his scandalous marriage. The most scandalous marriage in my family tree was that of my Great-Uncle Fred who married his very own mail order bride.

My mind does wander at times!

I have to wonder why I kept thinking of the phrase The Wings of an Angel. Well, I don't wonder at all. I know that I am surrounded by Angels all the time, and I know the names of several of them. I have been blessed to have Angels appear when I needed them most. Some of the Angels who have appeared to me looked and sounded just like the average human being, and in fact, that is what I believe they were. I have never had to change a tire on my cars over the years, although I have had my share of flats! Within seconds of my pulling off the road, and opening the place where the spare tires were stored, someone has always stopped to assist me. I have some delightful stories of specific incidents, but won't go into that right now. Right now, I want to address the thought of The Wings of an Angel.

The Wings of an Angel can be disguised as the arms of my lover, the telephone with my mother on the other end, a cheerful-surprise-greeting card, or the fact that after giving my home a very thorough cleaning, I still have energy to blog! The Wings of an Angel carry me when I wonder from where comes my strength to go another step. The Wings of an Angel shelter me from the harsh realities of the world, and protect me from the negative energy of people who simply cannot understand, because they have never been tickled by a single feather from an Angel's Wing.