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Monday, September 09, 2002

End of Summer

The end of summer approaches the city of Atlanta, but the end of the heat wave seems distant, still. The skies have opened up and poured rain on us from time to time, but the thunderstorms caused more power outages than they caused flowers to grow. This week, our mornings are starting out cool, but the Indian summer afternoons are still sweltering. In a few weeks, the leaves may start to change colors, and many people will start making weekend treks toward the mountains of Georgia and North Carolina so that they can see the splendor of the magnificent colors of the various trees. More bikers are out in droves, trying to improve their time, and joggers seem to have come out from the cloudless skies, now that the temperature has dropped a few degrees.

With the decreased temperature, the smog seems less oppressive, yet each morning, the weather person announces that we are teetering at levels of smog that are “dangerous to sensitive groups”. Many more thunderstorms will be required to scrub the city skies enough to make outdoor activities and breathing a true pleasure. Days like we’ve had recently make me nostalgic for the rural town in which I was born and raised.