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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Like any Other Day

Like any other day, I woke to the sounds of my alarm clock. Like most other days, the sun was brightly shining through my window. Like every other day, I packed his lunch, and prepared his breakfast, took my herbs, and logged onto my computer.

Unlike any other day in my personal history, today, I remember. I commemorate. I mourn. I honor, and I celebrated.

I remember that only a year ago, I stood in awe and watched something on television that I knew could not be happening. I remember the many phone calls that my loved ones made to be certain that I, a non-television watcher, was watching. I remember that for three days, I sat spellbound, tumbling into depression, worried and feared - but reached deep into my psyche, my very Spirit and demanded an end to the pain. I remember thinking that the pain would never stop, but that I did have the power to stop torturing myself, so I turned off the television and turned on some soothing music, and continued to live my life. I remember feeling like a traitor for doing this, but knew that in order for me to live and honor those who no longer had a choice, this was the best choice for me.

Today, I commemorate the memory of my brothers and sisters in the Spirit whose names I will never know. I honor their lives and their deaths by my life and by my Spirit. I mourn with their families and the country, in fact, the whole world as we enter the first anniversary of the tragedy that removed them from our physical presence.

I celebrate! I celebrate all the tiny babies who were born on this date a year ago. Most of them are toddling about now, or making attempts to walk. These children are our future. When they were born, neither they, nor many of their mothers were concerned for the events of the day. Life, and especially the beginning of life demands that we concentrate on the moment. A child's birth cannot be put on hold until a tragic moment has passed and we feel that a different date would be better to begin life. A mother's birth pangs will not stop for historical events.

Yes, I remember. I mourn. I grieve. I honor and I commemorate, but I celebrate too. Life demands that I rejoice and go forward from this moment. No amount of sorrow or anguish can reverse the events of 9/11/01. I'll not try to pretend they did not happen, but I will not dwell on them and pitch myself into a dark despair either. I choose to celebrate life, for as long as my life continues.