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Friday, September 20, 2002

Mercury is in Retrograde

From an astrological perspective, Mercury is in retrograde, which isn't a bad thing or a good thing, but it is something that can make life interesting. Everything is relevant to everything else, and everything has its own point of view. This is true when Mercury retrogrades. A lot of things can happen during this time, many which are not pleasant, but all of which are part of the Universe's ultimate plan.

Duh? What does that mean, exactly?

That means that during times like this, communications can be skewed, and leaving those who try to communicate, feeling misunderstood. Appointments are missed, computers crash, haircuts don't turn out well. Whatever projects we are working on seem to take more time and money than originally budgeted, and quite often, lovers spat!

Huh? How can this be due to some planetary alignment

I don't have a clue, but I do know that whenever I hear that Mercury is in retrograde, I do my best to be more patient, to be more understanding, to be more gentle; but many times my efforts seem wasted. Last night was a prime example, and my fury has finally abated - but I realize that good ole Mercury and his silly little backwards motion was hard at work, seemingly making my life impossible!

My fiance got a free ticket to a local pro baseball game, and I was not invited to join him. I could not help but think that if he asked me to join him, the cost of my ticke would basically mean that we each had gotten in for half price, since his ticket was free. He never considered that I might enjoy going with him, and I was too stupid to just come out and tell him that I wanted to join him, and ask if he thought it would be possible for me to be able to sit with him. It never occured to me that maybe he just needed a guys' night out, and I should have been grateful that he was going to a baseball game, and not some other distraction. But I wasn't! I was furious with him for not inviting me, even though I knew he himself had been invited; I was devastated to think that I wasn't important enough to be invited; then I was disappointed in myself for being so shallow, for acting like a "typical woman", and for feeling sorry for myself. So, I did the only logical thing that a woman in a relatively strange city, with no local friends could do - I went bowling!

The physical activity was much better than my alternative activity. I had decided that I would either bowl or get out a bowl and bake brownies. Of course, I had no brownie
ingredients, so that would have meant a trip to the supermarket, and while there, I would simply die without ice cream. Bowling alone was great. I could exert a great deal of energy, destroy some frustrations, take myself out of my mind for a while, and not think about anything other than knocking down the little white pins. It was great!

Does Mercury ever do anything good when it retrogrades?

Actually some good things do happen during this strange time, although it is not a good time to sign important documents or start important projects. The good thing about this time, which will last until October 6th, is that quite often, old friends come out of hidden areas, and reunions are usually wonderful. Wounded relationships heal very well during Mercury retrograde, and some people who are in pshychotherapy find they have great breakthroughs during these otherwise troubling days. Mercury retrogrades are great times to dig out old projects, especially for writers, that have been lying dormant for some time. The seemingly inability to communicate well sometimes takes a reversed turn, and often writers find words that have eluded them previously.


Truly! I think I'll start digging through my files, and see what kind of magic I can find!