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Sunday, September 29, 2002


I have noticed a recent personal trend to question things. I don't necessarily ask questions, but I do question things. I pose rhetorical questions for which I expect no answers, and yet I feel a sense of satisfaction from just the act of questioning. I do ask direct questions too, which often leads me to question events and motives. So few people in my social or business circles can deal directly with my directness. I do not hint, often, and I do not take too kindly to people who expect me to decipher their hints for me. I despise mind games, and to me, that is what hints are - simple mind games that people play with other people. I get frustrated with people who make silly hints, and then become upset when people like me do not understand.

I'm not the kind of woman who leaves hints for boyfriends who have to decipher. If I say that I am fine, it is not code for anything else. If I want a particular gift for a particular occasion, I will give a list with suggestions, not some hints that will cause me to become angry if not fulfilled. Unfortunately for me, I expect the same from others. Don't hint if you want me to do something. Be forthright, and just tell me what you want, then expect me to either grant your wish or reject you outright.

What in the world does hinting have to do with questioning? Aren't they the same thing? Aren't hints simply another form of quizzing or questioning someone? Are questions a sort of hint at the answer, if we only look deep enough? Am I sleep deprived? Is this why I feel as if I am rambling aimlessly? Most likely. Niteynite!