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Saturday, September 21, 2002

Weird feelings
My head, heart and hands are not cooperating with each other tonight. I want to do things with my hands, but my heart starts freaking and my head starts leaking, and my hands are impotent at my sides. I want to think. That's pretty safe, isn't it? I can think, and think, and think, and no one gets hurt. Except me. I'm prettty dangerous if I think on days other than Tuesdays. I decided a few years ago that I am safest if I save all my thinking for one day a week, but here I am on a Saturday morning, or a Friday night, if you prefer, thinking! Why? Well, why not! This Mercury Retrograde seems to order that I think rather than speak, because it seems that every word that issues from my mouth lately is misunderstood by someone! A simple statement of intent falling on my head completely missed my heart and my hands soon became clenched fists. This is not a good thing for a pacifist like me. I think (even though it's not Tuesday) that I need to just hibernate until this Retrograde is over on October 6th!