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Thursday, October 10, 2002

Why Bother?
I wonder why I bother to blog, instead of concentrating on my other writing. For a while I was getting high knowing that other people were actually reading something that I'd written, people who weren't actually related to me were reading things other than birthday cards! Lately, it seems that I have not have many hits on my page, and the last few hits I did have were from people who did not leave a comment. That hurts. No one has bothered to go to my "Forbidden Topics" either, but that could simply be because Forbidden Topics can be found under the link for Andy Quinones. I tired long ago of adding the links to my blogs, so that it is easy for people to click from one site to another...maybe that is why my 4 devoted fans quit checking in on my blogs, even though I still go to theirs regularly. Maybe I don't leave enough comments on THEIR sites.

I'm feeling down tonight. Why should I bother to write about that here? Maybe I should save it for my memoirs. Yeah! That's the my dreams.