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Monday, January 27, 2003

What is a Guest Room?
For most people a Guest Room is a place their guests will sleep when they visit. For others, a guest room is like an extension of their own room, and a place where they store extra blankets or winter coats. For me, our guest room is a nightmare! It was deemed the staging area while we were moving in, and all the boxes that did not seem to have any other place to go, went there! I got every other room in the house organized and decorated before I tackled that one, for two reasons. The first was because we do not yet have a bed for that room, and so quick organiztion was not paramount. The other reason is that it seemed to be a breeding ground for heavy cardboard boxes. No matter how many I removed and unpacked in a given day, when I returned, there seemed to be an increasingly larger amount! At last, I dedicated a week to work on nothing but that room. That meant that I had to get tough with my sentimental pack rat - the guy I love as much as the air I breathe and the water I drink is a keeper of all things. I had nine piles of "stuff" and there were bits of "stuff" in every single one of more than two dozen boxes: computer components, old headphones, old love letters, birthday cards, baseball cards, CD's, cassettes, countless automotive and electronic things, and register receipts - gawd! the register receipts! After sorting all the boxes into piles, I had to determine what to keep and what to toss. Of course the what to toss would have been simple if I was the only one affected, but I'm one of the nice guys and I let him have his opportunity to keep. We agreed that certain things are necessary now, and others may come in handy at some point, while others were sheer garbage! For me, not enough was garbagarized, but I was grateful to discard what I could. Once the determinations had been made, I had the joy of repacking all the things into boxes of like objects, and labeling them. So now, at least if we need a power cord or a computer ribbon cord, I know exactly which box houses them. I know where to find all the software, versus the musical CD's now, too. But this leads back to the GUEST ROOM FROM HELL. All these boxes still need a place to be, rather than in the middle of the floor in our guest room! We already have people who expect to visit us in February and April - no bed, but no place to put a bed either! I have decided that for me, in this house, until I can convince my Mr. Unorganizable to find appropriate shelving or storage for all his boxes of "stuff" our GUEST ROOM = Grinning Ugly Enemy Sits There Ruining Our Own Minds (I rather like that one...that describes how I feel when I look into that room and hurry past the doorway).