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Monday, February 03, 2003

Guilty Selfishness
Sometimes when I post my thoughts here, I feel guilty because I simply want to post. I don't want to read anyone else's blog. I do not care to add hyperlinks to past blogs, or current events, or to connect my page to another blogger's. I just want to write what is on my mind. Nothing more and nothing less. I am not a "good" blogger, because I don't always read other people's blogs. Sometimes, I am just selfish and I don't bother to read even what my blogging friends have recently written. I sometimes log on here, check for recent comments and then either write, or move onward. Sometimes if no one has commented, and I see that the counter has not moved forward, I get frustrated and feel like I am wasting my time. There are days when I crave the instant feedback that I normally receive from emails. It's nothing personal and yet it is highly personal.There are days when I am content to just write and write for myself. I don't usually post those thoughts. They land in my journal. One day, perhaps my family will become wealthy if they publish my most personal thoughts. Maybe they'll be selfish too. Then again, they may just toss the whole thing out as junk.