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Friday, May 23, 2003

Did you miss me?
I don't know how often I have thought of coming here to write my thoughts, and to see if anyone has posted a message for me, only to cluck my tongue against my teeth and ask myself "Why bother?"

Once a month, my site meter emails to tell me how many people have visited my page, and I am always astounded to see that anyone has, not because I fear that my words are uninteresting or that no one would bother to read, but I have told so few people about this site, that I am amazed to discover that new people have visited. Of course the visitors could be my old standbys who are just checking in, hoping I have left some pearls there for them.

I know some people use this site to keep up with me, and I will not promise to do more than attempt to write more often, and leave with my apologies for my negligence.