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Sunday, June 22, 2003

It’s Raining in the Sunshine State

The thunder and lightning will be keeping all but the most foolhardy away from the beach or the pools. There’ll be no sun worshipping going on here today! All weekend, we have been deluged with downpours, so if anyone’s tan is fading, they’ll be swarming the tanning beds or buying the sunless kind of lotions. The sun is obscured behind slate gray clouds and even behind the rain itself.

Streets are flooding, and I can imagine the sounds in the homes with children. There is something about a rainy day during the summer. Even if the children would normally be reading, playing video games, or watching television, just knowing that they can’t go out to play makes them a little less pleasant to be around.

When my sons were smaller, they loved to read and they loved television and video games too, but mostly they loved hiking in the wooded areas that surrounded our home. My 22 year old started his solo hikes before he was 3 years old. I made him promise to always take someone with him when he walked, so when he disappeared a few weeks later, I was ready to scold him once we finally found him. He assured me that he was not alone. He had Bambi and Thumper with him, our two Eskimo Spitz, who adored him as much as he adored them. Now living in Atlanta, that same young man still loves to hike and take long walks with Mother Nature. His apartment is located on more than 25 acres of reforested land, and he is as happy as can be.

Rain has seldom quenched his wanderlust, and he dreams of one day, going to Australia for a real walkabout. He would love little more than to just take off one day, live off the land, and to return whenever he was good and ready.

Now, if you’ll just give me your Platinum credit cards, and drop me off at Phipps Plaza, I can show you what a real Walkabout is!