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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Held Hostage by Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Frances held most of Florida hostage for Labor Day Weekend, and we were no exception. We had a business to open just as soon as the rain cleared and people waiting to come in to play games! Sadly, Florida Power and Light has not seen fit to restore our power just yet. Oy! The lost revenue! Not to mention the fact that I've been stranded at home with the man of my dreams, and there is nothing wrong with our home!

We've never lost power and our cable went out for only ten minutes - water was missing for just about 5 hours or so, but otherwise we are unscathed. Oh! There is the issue of a few missing soffitt plates, but we are in fine shape.

Charley mostly missed us. Frances pounded away but didn't damage us. Now, Ivan looms oppressively near Cuba....hopefully that one will just fizzle out soon.