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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Though I could only see half her shape, she looked perfectly formed, peeping at me through soft sheer veils. As I tried to move nearer, she remained nearly motionless, yet always just out of reach; it was nearly midnight, and I wanted her. She danced with me, yet by herself, doing her dance of the thousand veils. Seductively, she let her veils reveal different parts of her glorious curves to me. Slowly, and without effort on her part, she lured me home, disclosing smaller, then larger parts to me. She revealed parts not yet disclosed to my eyes and I was enraptured. Tonight, the moon and I were lovers. Her veils were the clouds and they moved slowly around her, making the illuminated half moon seem full and pouting in the sky. Tonight, I made love to the moon and she left me satisfied - honored to have been in her presence.