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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Another published article for Senior Life

Jackpots and Ballroom Dancing

What do The Fox Trot, Bingo, bag lunches, and White Elephants have in common? Ask any of the more than 200 members of the Harbor City Retirees Club, and they will tell you that these are only some of the activities they could be engaged in on any given Wednesday.

The Harbor City Retirees Club meets every Wednesday morning at the Eau Gallie Civic Center, located at 1551 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, FL. President Lillian Morgan arrives at 7 in the morning to begin setting up for the Bingo game, because she wants to be sure that everything is in order before the first members start to arrive an hour later to play cards. Some bring items for the ongoing White Elephant sale, and others are happiest just visiting their friends. Ms. Morgan said, “We have two sisters who love to come, because they each live in different areas of the county and Wednesdays are their only chance to be together all week.”

At 9:30, Ms. Morgan starts playing the piano, and as the other members arrive, some will join in the chorus and sing until the live band is ready. The band plays ballroom music until noon, when everyone enjoys the lunches they’ve brought, as well as the free coffee and desserts brought to share. After lunch, the Bingo begins and lasts until 3:00, with cash prizes awarded throughout the afternoon. The jackpot can be as high as $100.

Ms. Morgan said, “We get a cake the last week of the month and celebrate the birthdays of everyone that month.” When asked how she felt about all the work involved as president of the club, Ms. Morgan said, ““I’m crazy about it. I love seeing these people dancing about or singing.” The Harbor City Retirees Club has a catered lunch every December; this year’s holiday party will be on December 17th. Membership dues are only $3.00 for the entire year, but they happily accept cash donations which are in turn given to the Salvation Army. For more information, call Lillian Morgan at 777-0809.