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Thursday, February 24, 2005

This Article won me some local Recognition and an Award


If you remember a horse named Sophie or a clerk named Radar, then you must be a fan of the hit TV series “M*A*S*H.” You might even believe that some of the characters on that show were based on people you knew personally. If you’ve ever dreamed of dancing with a nurse named Hotlips Houlian, you just might get your chance on September 26th.

The Cape Canaveral VFW Post 10131 and its Ladies Auxiliary is having a M*A*S*H bash to honor Vets of the Korean War which ended 50 years ago. The VFW Post 10131 is located at 105 Long Point Drive in Cape Canaveral. It will turn into a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital thanks to the hard work lovingly done by Bud and Corrieanne Kerns and numerous other volunteers.

Corrieanne Kerns is the Auxiliary President at the Cape Canaveral VFW 10131. She called serving in the military “one of the most honorable things a person can do.”
Beginning at 5:00 pm, the commemorative celebration will begin with a chicken stir-fry dinner and will be served up to the music of Ritchie at the Keyboard. Ritchie is a favorite at the Cape, and regular members know him well.

So find your old army boots and start spit shining them. Check out that old uniform and see if it still fits. Brush up on your M*A*S*H trivia and remember how Radar got his name, where Colonel Potter’s wife Mildred lived, and why Winchester was so frustrated. Find something khaki or camouflage, unless, of course you decide to come dressed as Corporal Klinger. Bring your memories, your appetite, and your dancing shoes.

But the celebration won’t end when the evening is over. There will be special tokens for Korean Vets in attendance and many photographs will be taken. Wonderful memories will be shared and new ones will be made. The VFW is continuing the commemoration with a huge parade on Sunday.

I wrote the article about the awards dinner, too!

Voice of Democracy Winners Earn more than Respect

On Saturday, February 28th, The Cape Canaveral VFW Post 10131 hosted an awards night dinner which featured a stirring reading of her award winning essay by Tyra Ahlgreen. Miss Ahlgreen was among 11 area students who where honored for their top placements in this year’s Voice of Democracy and Americanism programs.

The Voice of Democracy is a national program that begins within each VFW Post and is co-sponsored with the VFW Auxiliary. The theme for this year’s program was “What is my Commitment to America’s Future?” Plaques and cash prizes were awarded to three Cape Canaveral High School students based on the content of their essay, a commitment to community service, Grade Point Averages, extracurricular activities, and teacher recommendations. Tyra Ahlgreen was the first place winner, with Amy Dusan placing second, and Jake Halkovic placing third. John Davis was the Cape Canaveral teacher who was awarded for his students’ participation in this program. Voice of Democracy post winners’ essays are submitted for competition at the district and state levels. The winners of the state competitions then go to Washington DC to read their essays for the national competition.

The VFW Post 10131 also honored four outstanding JR ROTC cadets for their commitment to patriotism and school activities. The cadets receiving plaques were: Rebecca White, Adam Bennington, Katie Glovas, and Thomas Gari. Colonel Stephen Epkins, US Army (Retired) and CMS Danny Shumate (Retired) were recognized for their work as the JR ROTC advisors.

Three elementary students were also honored with first place prizes for their work in the Americanism program. Talen VanDeWark and J.J. Brandenberg participated in an art contest and Chris Henderson won first place for his essay. Each of these students were awarded not only a plaque, but a gift certificate from Wal-Mart and an apple for their teachers as well.

The highlight of the evening was when Alyce Perkins was awarded the $1000 Catherine Hite Memorial Scholarship for her outstanding display of patriotism and community service. Jean Christy, her counselor from Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School, highly recommended Miss Perkins for this scholarship.

The Cape Canaveral VFW Post 10131 and Ladies’ Auxiliary also presented media awards to three newspapers that they felt had provided outstanding coverage for past events. Accepting personal awards and Media Awards for their respective newspapers were: Colleen Poe from Florida Today, Erin Bartosek from The Sweat Gazette, and Senior Life of Florida’s Mary Brotherton.

Cape Canaveral’s VFW is very active in the community and sponsors not only activities and meals, but fosters goodwill and high morale among all they meet. The Post Commander, Leo Nichols and the Auxiliary President Connieann Kerns are both very pro-active in the community activities of the Cocoa Beach/ Cape Canaveral areas. The VFW and Auxiliary welcome new members and the public to most of their activities. For more information, call 321-783-8019 or 321-799-4904.