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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I started viewing other blogs today - I don't often take the time to do that - nor do I often take the time to take a walk after dinner, which I plan on doing tonight, as soon as my husband walks in the door, and announces that he is, indeed and finally, ready to eat the meal that has been waiting for him.

But, I did read a blog by Ringtone Seeker - and it seems that every post has at least one mention with a link to a downloadable ringtone for mobile phones...but I did like his most recent blog:

Cell Phone Ring Tones And Wall Paper

Did you ever just look at someone and you almost knew in your gut that person was made for you? Or at least somehow figured it out -- and it hit ya like a ton of bricks? Yeah, well, I can't believe how quick seven years has gone by with my lovely first and only wife whom I couldn't replace in a million years of humanity. There's just no way. It would be impossible to put another woman to her light -- it's just too bright. And then, my browser automatically launched and I was transported to this website about cell phone ring tones and wall paper. You wouldn't have believed it if you were here yourself. And then I ended up stuck searching for stuff at this site about cell phone ring tones and wall paper. Hehe.

Darnit! I wish my husband would write something like that about me -but that's not his style - and I have to live with that fact.

Then I clicked onto something by Alternate Brain - just something...not much to write about.

I read political blogs, commercial blogs, those with mis spelled words and typos, but only that one above struck me as worthy of sharing.