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Inside my Brain

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Inside my Brain

Inside my brain, I am the same as I was last week, yet inside my heart I am a married woman.
Inside my body, nothing has changed, still I feel so very different than just 8 days ago.
Inside my wallet is a new driver's license with a new name.
I've used that name professionally for three years, yet it feels more powerful today.
Inside my purse is my first paycheck made out to me in my married name
Inside my bank account that money will disappear as quickly as before.
Inside my brain I am a wife
Yet I've been doing all the things a wife does for a long, long time.
Inside a courthouse room, hidden from the world, we said our vows and exchanged rings
Inside our hearts we had already promised to love and honor and cherish and "be there"
Inside our minds what happened to change us from mere lovers into spouses?
Could a document, a legal action really change our love into something more sacred, more "right"?
I would never have believed it could, yet I know that it's true.
Inside my brain, I am no different than I was on May 4th
Inside my heart I am finally who I was meant to be so many years ago, and could not understand.
Inside and out, I am his and he is mine - and now the entire world can know this simple truth.