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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Got a temp one day job next week - I might get used to this. A little money in my pocket - a little something different to do - different people to shock and stun with my radiance - - -

I am loving being home all the time, though - Thanks to my loving Husband! I could not do this without his support and faith in me. Right now, it might not look as if I have accomplished much being home for a week, but I can see the floor in our closet again. I spent some time searching for things, and have done some running around, too. I found my Spanish books! That was quite an accomplishment, in itself.

I have a list of mini-projects, yet to tackle, and am trying to study, organize, exercise, stay healthy, and sane all at the same time...did I say STAY Sane? Perhaps I am trying to get sane would be more appropriate. I miss the insanity that was Lancade.

On to a mini project!