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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Duane McCarter of Titusville is the talented musical director of the Harbor City Harmonizers, an award winning male chorus dedicated to chasing the thrill known as Barbershop Harmony. Fifty-five men ranging in age from 16 to 81 will perform a stellar performance in memory of fallen citizens and unknown heroes on September 11th at 2pm, in the Central Brevard Public Library & Reference Center located at 308 Forest Avenue, Cocoa. The concert is free.

It’s sure to be a concert long remembered. The Harmonizers will present a touching program in commemoration of the catastrophic events that devastated world citizens and the city of New York on September 11, 2001. A short historical remembrance of that fateful day will be presented, supported by the voices of the Harmonizers as they perform the music of American heritage. When young voices blend with the mature in patriotic songs, and that elusive 7th chord rings out, chills will run down the spines of nearly everyone in attendance.

With only their voices, the Harbor City Harmonizers don’t just sing. They create music, atmosphere, and ambiance. They create a mood and energize it, sometimes bringing tears of joy to those who listen. They display a spirit of true camaraderie that is common in Barbershop singing. Their love of the song shows on their faces, and before long, their contagious enthusiasm has affected the audience.

During weekly rehearsals, even youthful voices find all the tools they need to meet the goal of harmonizing. Sixteen year-old music specialist, Jason Lee, the Harmonizer’s youngest member, has been singing with the group since he was 13. Director Duane McCarter, formerly from New Hampshire, also started harmonizing when he was just 13. Barbershop singing sees no age barriers.

Men of all ages who are interested in joining the Harbor City Harmonizers can call 321-779-4802, or show up on September 13th at 7:15pm, at the Trailer Haven Community Center, Eddie Allen Road, Melbourne, near the airport. The Harmonizers are hosting a special night for guests who would like to learn more about Barbershop singing or the Harmonizers. There is no admission, and refreshments will be served. You may also visit their website at:

Men and women alike will delight at the Patriotic performance at the Central Brevard Public Library on Sunday, September 11th at 2:00pm. For more information about this performance call the Harmonizers at 321-779-4802 or the Library at 321-663-1792.