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Sunday, January 15, 2006

When native Floridian Gary Whittaker returned from Viet Nam, he briefly got involved with Meals on Wheels. Six months ago, he and his wife Darcy read an article asking for volunteers, and he knew it was time to get involved again.

As business owners, they encourage other local businesses to get involved. “Our route is only half an hour to 45 minutes long,” said Darcy. “We can easily run the route during our lunch hour,”

Delivering to an assisted living facility, after picking up the coolers of freshly cooked meals nearby, they get much more than they give. “The people are wonderful, nice, appreciative,” said Darcy. “You get certain people that you take food to, and you get close to them, in just a few minutes each week.”

To talk to the Whittaker Group Realty team about their involvement with the program, stop by or mail their office at 188 Oakcrest Avenue, NE , Palm Bay, FL 32907; visit their website at; or call 749-8799.

To volunteer as a driver, make donations, or for more information, call the Meals on Wheels program at 639-8770.