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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Award Winning Author Speaks at Conference

Anyone who has ever provided care for a loved one understands that caregiving means
re-evaluating finances, job opportunities and making constant compromises. Family Caregiving
forces the one providing the care to learn about insurance, wills, Medicare, Medicaid,
Social Security, and gadgets to make life easier for the one entrusted to your love and care.
  Whether for a few weeks of the flu, or round the clock care for someone whose diagnosis was
worse than not knowing, caregiving takes a toll on not only the person being cared for, but for the
one providing the care. Caregiving is hard, painful, and at times can seem never-ending. It
requires dedication and determination. Often, once a family member begins the process of
caregiving, others in the family back away and just assume that “Aunt Jane will take care of Mama. She’ll call me if she needs me.”
 But Aunt Jane won’t call for help.  She’ll dream of being alone in her own home; she’ll wonder why
no one ever asks her how she is feeling; she’ll worry if Mama doesn’t eat properly one day; and
she will find a way to become an integral part of her mother’s healthcare team. She may call on
Uncle Joe for help from time to time, but she won’t expect anyone to take over for her. It’s not that
Aunt Jane is a martyr, or just stubborn. She’s a family caregiver. Caregivers often neglect their
own care while ensuring that the one in their charge is happy, healthy, and home.
 Florida family caregivers can take heart, and they can take a break on Saturday, April 29th.  
The Fourth Annual Caregiver Conference will be held at the
Holiday Inn Conference Center in
Cocoa Beach from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM with complimentary continental breakfast and lunch
provided. The conference is free to family caregivers and space is limited to 200. Early
egistration is highly encouraged.
 Family caregivers, like Aunt Jane or Uncle Joe who come to the 2006 Caregiver Conference,
“Caring for You and Me,” will find not only free respite for themselves, but free care for the one in
their care during the time of the Conference. Family caregivers will find free information and
support, free chair massages and food, and they will discover Virginia Morris.
 Virginia Morris is the award-winning, highly acclaimed author of How to Care for Aging Parents 
and Talking About Death. Devoting her career to research and writing about health care and
related social and political issues, Ms. Morris has been featured on Oprah, The Today Show,
and Good Morning America. She was featured on CNN, NPR, and in the Ladies’ Home Journal.
Her latest book, How to Care for Aging Parents has received outstanding reviews from AARP,
the National Institute on Aging, and the Washington Post, as well as the Chicago Tribune,
New York Daily News, and family caregivers who have read the book.
 But those attending the 2006 Family Caregiver Conference won’t be reading her resume or
asking to see her credentials. Instead, they will find that her presentations will be entertaining,
dynamic, and lively. She will provide some food for thought. Ms. Morris will speak to the family
caregiver in terms that empower and enlighten. She’ll encourage caregivers to not only talk with
their loved ones, but how to determine how to accept help, how to take breaks, and to remember
to laugh. Her presentation will help the caregivers see another way of doing the daily, routine
tasks in a way that will make life easier for the aging parents and the family caregiver, as well as
how to be sure to get the best possible care within a nursing home, should that need arise.
 Ms. Morris’ keynote speech will be “Caring for the Caregiver” and will discuss three essential
issues: Planning Ahead, Taking Care of Your Self, and When to Intervene. During a breakout
session, attendees will be “Talking About Death,” and be able to understand how to avoid regrets
and how to discuss a very difficult topic with parents. There will be an opportunity to purchase
How to Care for Aging Parents.
 Family caregivers owe it to themselves, and to the one in their care to attend the 2006 Caregiving
for Seniors Conference in
Cocoa Beach on April 29th. Only the first 200 to register will be accepted. Caregivers are asked to register by April 7th, so that they can be
provided temporary
respite care for the
day, and be assured of a seat at the conference.
 To register, complete the form provided and fax it to 321-632-0469 or call 321-631-2746 for
mailing instructions. For more information, visit the website.