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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Clubs - way long list

This is actually the intro to a growing list of over 100 clubs, groups, and organizations that meet locally -if anyone actually wants to see the list, let me know!

Brevard County residents never need to feel bored or as if there are more things to do in bigger cities. Not including restaurants, movies, symphonies, and plays, Brevard citizens can choose things to do - from virtually hundreds of activities in more than two dozen categories.

Interested in Astrology and the study of how the stars and planets might affect your life here on earth? There’s a club just for you! There are computer clubs that help people learn the basics, and computer clubs that are so advanced that they only meet online. Brevard County has many groups that offer support for health issues, addictions, weight loss, and other concerns.

Environmental clubs, ethnic and heritage clubs, gardening clubs, and clubs devoted to promoting specific kinds of art and music are only some of the many clubs available in the area. Some clubs appeal to Seniors, while others embrace people of all ages; some cater to singles, and others are family oriented. Check out Brevard’s growing list of clubs, guilds, organizations, and groups, and choose what you would like to do next.

Please contact Senior Life if you have information about a club that is not on the list.