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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Weavers Threads Turn Heads

For the entire month of March, the King Center for the Performing Arts will be home to some of the county’s most remarkable
woven fabrics and fiber art created by the members of the Space Coast Weavers and Fiber Artists Guild.
More than
seventy-five pieces of fiber art, from wall hangings, jewelry, clothing, linens, quilts, rugs, paper, and bead work will be on display
in the King Center Lobby.

Four years ago, Kay Martin, guild publicity chairperson contacted the King Center and proposed an exhibit. Recently, when
Exhibit Director, Inez Morrison met the artists of the Guild, she immediately approved their work for a show.

A member of the Brevard Cultural Alliance, the Space Coast Weavers and Fiber Artists Guild has much to offer to anyone
who enjoys crafts, hobbies, and especially working with fibers and textures. Kay Martin of
Titusville said, “If they only
do glue-gun hobbies - that is OK. We can teach them more!”

A founding member of the Space Coast Weavers and Fiber Artists Guild since she first presented a fiber program to
the Titusville Art League in 1983, Martin has always loved working with fibers and weaving.

“I am a 100% Finn, whose grandparents-all four-moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as young adults. So I think love
of fibers is a part of being a Finnlander! They are wonderful weavers.”

Some of the members embellish gourds with fibers, while others design jewelry or create rugs and
wall hangings. One woman
creates Shibori, a Japanese word for a kind of tie-dying which
describes the inherent
atterning process of manipulating the two-dimensional cloth surface into
three-dimensional shapes
before compressing them to dye.

“We usually have a mini workshop, show and tell, and a brief business meeting,” Martin said.  
“Many of us do astounding work,
and the rest of us learn.”
 Project Coordinator for the King Center Exhibit, Don Thomas said, “The Space Coast Weavers
and Fiber Artists Guild is one
of the most eclectic groups of fiber artists that I have come across.

I always look forward to our
next meeting.
All our members bring their latest pieces and present
them to the membership for review.

I am amazed at the talent and creativity that is evident within
our Guild.”
Thomas retired to Brevard County from Chicago three years ago, and brought his love of textures and art with him.
He joined the Space Coast
Weavers and Fiber Artists Guild two years ago.
 “I specialized in the field of commercial interiors,” Thomas said. “Since I was working with large
spaces and many times with
large groups of workers, I always tried to use fiber arts in my interiors,
such as weavings, tapestries,
wall hangings, and rugs. They would soften the interiors and also act
as an acoustical sound barrier.”
 Before he retired, Thomas was a practicing Interior Designer with his own firm.  

“Unlike many artists who work in oils and acrylic paintings, I like to have people
touch and feel my
tapestries, there is such a great tactile feel to these pieces.”
 The guild is open to anyone with an interest in weaving, art, or crafts of any kind.

Meeting the 3rd Saturday of each month at the Merritt Island Library on
Courtenay Parkway,
9am to Noon, the guild
has 35 members who are beaders, basket-weavers, and other types

of artisans.
Dues are $15 a year.

For more information about the Guild, call 321-459-1265. For more information about the King Center’s art exhibit, call 321-433-5722.