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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Girls just want to have fun…so do boys, and women, and men. And fun is a specialty of the Trailblazers. Trailblazers-An Adventurous Outing Club for Singles was formed more than ten years ago, and despite what some think, has never been intended as a dating service. It is a 450 member adventure club for single people of all ages. They won’t discriminate against couples, but they were primarily formed to give single people the opportunity to meet new people in a multitude of non-pressure, fun activities.

With monthly meetings the first Saturday of the month, members eagerly welcome newcomers and invite them to “try a few events first, if you are skeptical.” The Trailblazers reserve their overnight trips for members, however.

Joe Morgan has been a Trailblazer for, “Seven, eight, nine years –who counts? I’m too busy having a good time!” At seventy years and counting, Morgan said, “Nobody cares where you live or what you look like. We don’t care if you have kids or even if you bring them. Just bring a good attitude and an appetite for fun.”

Members of the Trailblazers don’t wait for the monthly meetings to get together. Every Wednesday, as many as 60 of them can be found at the Doubletree Hotel; where they dance all night for only $5. “There are no wallflowers,” said Morgan, “It doesn’t matter if you come alone, or bring a partner. Everybody dances with everybody else. We all take turns.” He explained that if the men don’t ask the women to dance, they’ll turn the tables and ask the men. “It’s just for fun.”

Morgan said that the dances are a lot of fun, and the monthly meetings are when they decide which new adventures they want to try. With such a large membership, people can choose to participate in simple events like going to movies in groups, volunteering to work at the Melbourne Art Festival, or playing Canasta. They often choose to take overnight trips to do more challenging activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, golfing, or ice skating.

“It’s okay if you don’t know how to do any of those things,” Morgan said. “There is always someone willing to teach you how.”

The Trailblazers can be found hamming it up at the zoo, attending murder mysteries, bowling, or just holding serious discussions about topics of interest. They hold picnics at least four times a year, and have elaborate parties, some in masquerade.

The Trailblazers welcome members and non-members alike to all of their day events, while providing extra benefits to those who pay a $20 annual membership fee. The Trailblazers meet the first Saturday of the month at the David R Schecter Community Center, at 1089 South Patrick Drive, in Satellite Beach at 7PM, with the socializing setup beginning at 6:30. After a brief business meeting, the Trailblazers usually plan a fun event for the evening, and once they have decided what their main event will be for the month, the more adventurous members go out for an evening of entertainment.

Trailblazers isn’t a singles club for those who like to meet once a month for a meal and then go home to watch the early evening news. It’s an “Adventurous Outing Club for Singles” who enjoy traveling to places like the Keys, Savannah, and St. Augustine. Trailblazers lives up to the name, blazing trails through campouts in state parks, softball diamonds, and tennis courts to new friendships for people of every age.

For more information, call 321-783-8389 or 321-254-9434.