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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It seems unfair to choose just one photo to represent this day when I have one of the best jobs in the universe! The only thing that would make my job any better is more pay for my work, but I truly love what I do.

I was minding my own business, editing articles for Viera Voice when the publisher called and asked me to assign a writer to go to Charlie and Jake's Brewery to do an advertorial. We'd sold an ad, but our ad rep doesn't write or take photos so we needed a writer. I called Ken. Busy. I called Wendy. Unavailable during the two hour slot we needed. Plan C? No question about it - Publisher said Plan C is "Mary."


I get to leave the office. It set me back on my editing, but Viera Voice is relatively easy to finish, so I didn't mind.

I met the owner, a few servers, a bartender and the master brewer. I learned how to put a full head on beer, how to do it without making big bubbles and was allowed to eat barley that has been through the beer making process. I learned that rather than discarding the barley, they feed it to someone's horses who think it candy.

I was able to tour the microbrewery and could have spent hours there taking pictures of the various angle...but I needed to get back to work!

When the client and I agreed on which photos to use for his ad, he told me to come back for dinner and he'd buy my beer.

It sounded like a good idea to me, so I told Curtis we'd be going there for dinner.

Stuart had plans to attend a powder puff football game, so Curtis and I were on our own, which was nice, too. True to his word, Andy comped our beers and Curtis and I had a great meal. I had the chance to take more photos.

I want to go back for the chance to try their Brown Bottom Ale which has chocolate in it!