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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today is day five of Project 365 for me. It's also day two of Senior Life proofing week.

While waking up, I looked out my home office window to see a swan, a duck, an ibis, a squirrel and several other birds I didn't recognize all eating corn at the base of the neighbor's tree. I took a photo, but by the time I clicked, most of the other birds were gone and I captured only the juvenile swan and the duck.

I spent the day, as usual for a proofing day, confined to my office. I was proofing pages, editing, fielding phone calls, giving suggestions to the marketing director, dealing with interruptions, sending sales representatives on calls, printing schedules for delivery and interviewing people via phone. I ate lunch at my desk and took only one break when Lori Richardson (Becoming Mamacita) stopped by for a brief visit. She's a GREAT hugger!

After "work" I had about an hour before my writers's group showed up, so I walked around the office complex and looked for photos to describe my day. I took a photo of some white landscape rocks around several philodendron plants and a few views of a large American flag. I found a depression in the grass and took two views of it before I noticed the sun between some palm tree fronds. My camera could not do justice to what my eyes saw, but the photos were interesting.

When I realized how hot I was growing, I returned to the building so I could wait in comfort for my friends. Just as I walked toward the front door, I saw a familiar red Supra coming toward me. My husband, Curtis rolled his window down and said, "Hey, what are you doing outside?"

"I'm taking pictures," I told him and he grinned just as I snapped his picture.