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Friday, September 04, 2009

NAMPA is the North American Mature Publishers Association, an organization my publisher is very active in and the same one that bestowed a dozen awards on Senior Life last year. It's once again time to submit our features, calendars and copies of the paper for consideration for this year's awards.

Choosing which to submit is like trying to determine which child should be recognized from a group that has exceeded all year! I have struggled for two days to pick the best of the best. After I made my choices, the publisher superseded me with her picks. Ultimately a panel of judges will then decide how our submissions fare against other competitors who my publisher claims are far superior.

Last year, we placed second in MOST IMPROVED and I think that's my favorite, because it shows how far our paper came from the year before I started editing. A photo I took for the cover won and two articles I wrote also took first and second honors.

I hope we do as well this year.

I think I'm going to start looking into what we need to prepare for next year in a few weeks. It's a daunting task to work with a dozen issues of papers that are from 40 - 44 pages each. Maybe I can find a way to streamline the process. I'm certainly going to try!