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Saturday, September 26, 2009

At the end of Day 8 in Project 365, like the shadow on the door, I am ready to fade when the sun sets.

This was printing day - DROP DEAD deadline day. After 3 p.m. I stopped taking phone calls and concentrated on getting all the last minute details completed, the last pages proofed, all the corrections made and then waiting with the publisher while she uploaded them to the printer.

It can be touch-and-go some months. If we don't get all the pages in to the printer ON TIME, our print date changes and we are moved to the back of the queue. Then, nobody's happy.

When I walked out and closed the door, I did not know if we'd made the deadline. We'd run it close before and this day was no different - it was very close. Fortunately, the printer was very understanding and very patient.

If only everyone I dealt with had been so patient.