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Monday, September 21, 2009

Today, when I went to work, I wondered what I might find to photograph that would speak to me of this day. At lunch time, I took a walk and I took a few photos, still wondering which one would find it's way to this site.

Everything seemed too normal, too regular and I thought I'd blog about how natural some days are, with little to document, just work-work-work.

Before dinner, I walked outside to watch the growing swan family and recorded a video of the juveniles trying to work out how to get the corn from the bird feeder down to the ground. I marveled as they stretched their slender necks and seemed to be thinking about how they could hop up like the Sandhill Cranes to knock some corn down. On land, the otherwise graceful swans remind me of General Grievous from Star Wars. When they struggle to get a few golden kernels of corn, they are truly comical and just what a busy editor needed at the end of day one of this month's printing deadline.

Videos and still of swans were still passé to me because I've grown accustomed to these wild birds that look for handouts. I turned to my cat who is usually a patient model and even his graceul poses left me wondering how my photo today might represent my day.

Then, I sat down at my computer and called to wish my brother a happy birthday. As we talked, I noticed the sun was setting over the lake and I felt an urgency to photograph it. When I went out, the lake near my home was pretty, but I somehow felt I should walk to the next lake, at the end of the street. Here is where I found magic.