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Saturday, September 26, 2009

At the end of the day, I had over a hundred photos, though I'd deleted several dozen from my camera. As I took some of these, I wondered why I was focusing on the mundane items in my home and didn't know how I would find one photo that might sum up my day.

I'd spent hours moving files, clearing out my computer and doing the typical things working women do on their weekends. With the laundry out of the way and no one else in the house, I decided to take a ride on my new bicycle.

Most of my muscles are still protesting loudly because I have neglected them so many years and just this week, I've decided to adjust my lethargic lifestyle. Curtis thinks my seat isn't high enough and he believes that if we raise it just one inch, my legs will not cramp as seriously. I sure hope so.

I am on intimate terms with my bicycle and have the photographs to prove it. I have more angles of that blue beauty than I realized bikes even have. I even took photos of the cable I bought to lock the bike when I park it away from home. I photographed reflections, shadows, swans, herons and ducks. While Curtis was grilling out dinner, I stepped out and took some photos of the stunning sunset, but none of these seemed to sum up my Saturday.

Then Curtis turned on his lamp and I knew I had to take pictures of it. This one is of the blue bulb which seems white, but reflects a deep blue against the glass shade. My Saturday was colorful!