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Sunday, September 27, 2009

This photograph is of four guys who were (sort of)  patiently waiting for me, as they had been all day. Curtis, Stuart and I met up with our friends, Robert and Ed at the Kennedy Space Center for a day of site seeing and education.

All day, I kept stopping or going on side trips to find a new angle for my photos. I took nearly 500 still and at least a dozen videos!  My camera was fully charged this morning, but I depleted the battery before we returned home.

We had a great time and Ed's "my new favorite" because he did his best to be in as many photos as he could. Curtis frowned at me a few times and Stuart did his obligatory "photograph the hand" pose for me, but mostly the guys were very generous with their time.

We went on one ride, which was not as wild as I'd hoped, but not as tame as I feared. The prep movie while we waited was hilarious, though, so it all worked out well.

We had to retreat from a rainstorm for about half an hour or so, but we made the best of that, too.

Stuart summed it up this way, "Today was a good day."

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