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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday's amazing productivity spilled over to today, once I woke and realized my newly organized office wasn't a dream. After spending some time on Facebook and recording the last few days' dreams, I worked on my novel.

The story is basically complete and my second draft has been critiqued, so now I'm organizing it and filling in gaps, correcting mistakes and checking for inconsistencies. If I were like my engineer friends, I would have completed all these steps prior to writing, but my mind simply does not work that way.

I'm like Dominar Rygel XVI and going in reverse, but I improved  the first four chapters today. Deciding which would be the first four was a major undertaking!

As a consequence, I didn't ramble around taking photos. I set up my desktop tripod to  see how it will work for movies of the birds. Except for the screen on the window, it would be great! I'll have to plan something else.

I like having the window view and realized even the awkward half hour of sunset that used to affect my enjoyment wasn't a problem any longer.

My photo for today is what I call WRITER FOOD. It worked very well when I drafted my novel and it helped today. Severely sweetened, black tea and a candy bar. Sometimes I substitute an energy/ meal replacment/granola bar - but the concept is the same. I don't eat or drink healthy and my creativity flows.

Still, I can't manage a quart of whiskey like Hemingway and have never tried Oscar Wile's absinthe. I suppose, once I'm world-famous, I can do as my beloved Jack London did and drink only after writing my thousand words.