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Saturday, October 03, 2009

I woke this morning, hoping to see my stylist, only to discover she wasn't working today other than to do one Clip for the Cure. Now, I have to see about either finding another stylist closer to home or adjust my schedule to accommodate the trip to see her WHEN she's working. It's only hair, so a bad haircut doesn't inconvenience me as much as the drive.

Before Curtis went to the garage to see if he could track down the misdirected automotive part, he called me outside to see some skywriting that was all but vapors. He called me later to tell me it was a Geico ad connected with the Cocoa Airshow.

Today was devoted to working on my novel and typical weekend household chores.

After a sumptuous dinner of microwaved Ball Park Franks and chocolate cake in a cup, I sat down to read my newest obsession: A cup of Tenka's Florida Sunset and a few chapters of Keep it Real.