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Monday, October 05, 2009

Today started as most Mondays. I left for work after Stuart left for school, but before Curtis started his day in an upright position. Having completed printing of two monthly papers, today was devoted to tidying the office and getting all the papers out to subscribers.

Many people asked about my mother and throughout the day I had to explain why an 18-hour bus ride is not worth the rush, why flying up to see her isn't feasible when she and my local siblings live at least an hour from ANY airport and why I haven't just rented a car for the week - not that I need to explain anything, but everyone EXCEPT me is worried.

I know my mother is in excellent hands and I know Jane and Bernie have been doing all they can for more than a month and they need a break. I also know my situation and by the time I came home to find Curtis had dinner nearly finished, I was very happy to sit down to a thick, juicy, grilled steak.

When I came to my computer after dinner, I realized I had not taken a single photo yet and I felt like crying. The sky was overcast and so were my spirits. More as a joke than anything else, I took a photo of my computer monitors and contemplated rearranging my office. After deciding to wait until the weekend to move desk, computer, file cabinets and monitors; I still had only one photo that I took today.

Now I'm going to laugh at Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory , thank you.