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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I came home from work to find an alien in my house! He was a nice alien. In fact, it turned out he's a friend of my teenager's. They were playing a video game and I was overflowing with energy because I resolved a problem at work with a space in a .jpg I had been trying to upload on our website. I actually had to go into the HTML code to find the problem. As soon as I saw it, the solution was easy.

I went for a ride on my bike and ended up taking loads of photos. The good/bad thing about photography after 5 p.m. is the shadows. They can be friendly or outrageously fiendish. I saw a family of storks, a Great Blue Heron, a Roseate Spoonbill and I heard a swan attempting to fly. It's wings were tapping the lake as it flapped and I could not get to my camera fast enough. I'd hoped to videotape it, but that didn't happen.

I came home, still bursting with energy so I cooked spaghetti and meatballs a la Brotherton, complete with garlic toast. Since Josh was still here, I invited him to join us and like most teenage boys, he didn't hesitate.

I had almost finished cooking when Curtis called and told me I needed to hurry outside with the camera. I couldn't leave the stove, so Stuart and Josh took it out for me. The setting sun was reflecting off clouds, which made them look pink. That alone is not unusual, but these same clouds were cloaked in darkness and had a lightning storm going on inside of them and when each bolt struck, the clouds glowed with a pink and orange iridescence against the black sky and we had quite a light show.

Because I actually cooked, I had less time online than I usually do, and so had a delay in uploading my photo. Tonight I had no idea which photo to upload and was torn between a different perspective on the Viera Sound Wall, my bicycle by a still lake with trees and homes reflected on its surface, a shadow of me actually riding my bike and one still photo that I managed to take of the cloudy light show.

I opted for the sound wall. You can find my rejected photos in my photo album "Project 365" on my facebook.