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Saturday, October 10, 2009

On my way to work, I passed a crew of AT&T guys working, as they do most days, on the section of boxes just outside our office. This has been going on since last year when much of the trunk was underwater for weeks from Tropical Storm Fay.

Since I had informed Milo, through Facebook, that I had brownies, he wasted no time finding my office in the morning. Brownies and White Lotus tea were my morning snack. Mark joined us in our mid-morning indulgence. They came back for more after Katie arrived at 1.

Katie and I had our hands full all day. The first order of the day was to put Senior Life labels on 250 packages of Freeze-dried Astronaut Ice Cream for our Senior Fest guests tomorrow.  We held the foil pouches on the table with our bodies so we could have an empty box to accept the completed project. Milo decided he couldn't wait for a brownie, so he got very close and personal with us as he stepped across the box in a "gay oafish" leap. After he and Mark ate their brownies, Milo helped with the labels; Mark "supervised," and we completed the task quickly.

Katie drove to Melbourne to get the tee shirts Jill had ordered and I remained in the office. I was working on finding a stand alone photo printer for Senior Fest. There was one in Brevard County. Jill had several tasks to complete, including picking up the printer in Merritt Island. We weren't sure she would have time to get to the Kennedy Space Center to pick up our cardboard astronaut cutout. I locked the office,  called Katie and started out for Titusville just as Katie returned with the shirts. I asked her to join me on the trip.  I really like working with Katie. She's my mini-me.

We saw this Smart Car as soon as we parked at the Adminstrative Buildling at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's  Complex. I don't drive a Smart Car. Does that make me less Smart than the person who does? It certainly makes me less environmentally responsible, but not less smart.

By the time Katie and I completed our trip, got gas for my car and water for our dehydrating bodies, it was 5 p.m. Where did the day go? We each went home to change clothes and I brought Stuart, Jozef and Josh back with me. Brawn was all we needed - brains were not necessary.

I finished printing the sign Jill had requested hours earlier, officially shut the office for the day and the guys helped load bundles of papers, boxes of magazines, ice cream and an assortment of other expo necessities into both vehicles and we took off for Melbourne Auditorium.

On our way there, we saw a car towing a trailer with an assortment of oddities, including what appeared to be a gurney as well as a lawn mower with a handlebar dragging on the street creating sparks and a bit of a stir. As we passed an intersection, we noticed a local police car that was caught in traffic. I suppose the driver who was hauling "junk" must have noticed the squad car, too because he slowed and pulled toward the curb. It's possible, he just slowed to make driving easier. I could see the blue light in my rearview mirror.

The guys and Katie made setting up a quick and easy process for me. Jill was still en route and by 7:30, we were on our way to dinner. Katie went home to do her assignments for her college classes. She missed a great time at Hooters with us. Our old favorite server, Ingrid waited on us and we played "Are you smarter than a Hooters' girl?" trivia. Josh was elected to do our physical challenges between rounds of 5 questions. He'd never played "Quarters" before and likewise, he had never participated in a "Pickle Frisbee" competition. He did not garner us any bonus points, but he was the only one of the three young guys willing to do this portion of the contest. Some of the questions were difficult, because I could not see the screen from my stool and the girl reading them had difficulty pronouncing some words.  The guys helped with some, but there were a few that I should have followed my gut on, such as the question pertaining to energy. My kinetic was correct and their inertia was not.  Still, we had fun and got $10 off our bill.

After dinner, the boys and I went to Wal-Mart shopping for food and  electronics. Curtis went home.

This was a full, fun day!