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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Once I determined what day of the week I was dealing with, the day turned out to be most interesting. I had an appointment that needed to be rescheduled, which meant my following appointment started late and I learned that some people in the community have a serious misconception about my role in the company. Specifically, there are some who don't know the hierarchy, but that's their problem, not mine.

What should have been a moment of minor drama turned into a full-day affair and is likely to last a week or more, because some people simply can't move past the unpleasantness. Coming home was less dramatic, but equally interesting.

Since Stuart was having dinner with his friends, Curtis and I went out. Who knew Chick-fil-A had yummy fruit salads? Curtis wanted to see if they had worked out the vibration in my car, so we went for a drive to the beach. This was my first time out there during Sea Turtle season, and it was interesting to see how Indialantic has changed the lighting on the beachfront property.

As we crossed from A1A to US1, I felt the urge to have some ice cream and told Curtis. He knew we didn't have any at home, so he surprised me by stopping at Del's for a cone. He said he has never been there in all his years in the area!

My chocolate ice cream cone dipped in chocolate started melting immediately with the evening warmth. I don't recall making such a mess as a child! It was the perfect ending to a less than perfect day.