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Thursday, October 15, 2009

When JLynn took me to lunch today, I thought of taking a photo of her, but we became so caught up in our conversation, I forgot. I was on a tight time restraint and kept my eye on the clock.

When I returned to the office to discover Jill had bought a salad for me from Wendy's, I was certain that was going to be my photo of the day. I became so engrossed in my tasks to help Jill prepare for tomorrow that I almost left the salad in the refrigerator at work.

But when Curtis stumbled on the original Stargate movie, something told me to bring my camera into the media room. Even though the photo isn't high quality, I managed to capture one of my favorite moments from the movie. Alexis Cruz played Skaara, a young teenager mesmerized by Kurt Russell's character, Col. Jack O'Neill - now played by Richard Dean Anderson in the series. Skaara tried to imitate O'Neill's every move, but when he attempted to smoke a cigarette - Wow!