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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday began alone. Stuart was visiting friends out of town (school holiday). Curtis was still sleeping. Mark & Cheri were on their phones and Katie had accompanied Jill for an event that kept her out of the office all morning. I hoped to edit.

The phones kept ringing. Shipments arrived, including a recumbent bike. The office crowded. At 3:30 my tiny office was hosting five people, and there's barely room for one. Jill moved boxes to the hall so we could work on assembly for tomorrow's event and two more people arrived. An additional two more arrived, so nine people were vying for my attention. I escorted the last couple out quickly. It was clear my editing afternoon could not take place.

Two left, then two more and finally Jill, Katie and I were alone in the building to complete our preparations for "Get Active!" I would be editing from home.

An hour and a half later, long after Jill had left, Katie and I packed our cars with tchotchkes and went to our respective homes. Almost immediately, I realized I'd left my expansion drive at work, and most of my editing was there.

When I returned to the building, I was struck by the beauty of the shadows and symmetry at the front of our building.

Curtis grilled burgers for our dinner and I edited.  All in all, a good Friday.