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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yesterday’s sunscreen protected me from burned skin, but the wind still cut through and my skin is rosy in some areas. After my active day with children, all I wanted to do was sleep – so I did. This morning, I woke earlier than I normally do on a Sunday and had a quiet morning.

Curtis washed my Supra and wanted to take me out so I could help him photograph it for some websites. Our afternoon consisted of traveling to the Viera Wetlands, Space Coast Stadium, Satellite Beach, Patrick Air Force Base beaches, through Cocoa Beach to Merritt Island and back to Viera for photo ops.

We stopped for lunch at Taco Bell and I finally met his buddy, Nate. I showed him a simple trick for making a photo more than a simple snapshot.

Curtis and I took turns with the camera and each of us has a different “eye” but I think we make a good team. I laid on the ground for some photos and he climbed to the top of an 8-foot concrete block wall for others. I asked a woman to move her car so we could complete our photoshoot and she was very agreeable. It’s all in how you talk to people.

By the time we’d finished with our Supra photos and weekly food shopping, Stuart was home! He had a great weekend with his friends in Bell.

We were leaving Merritt Island and the clouds passed over the sun in such a way that made me scramble for the camera. The clouds moved and I hoped I caught it at the perfect moment. When both Curtis and Stuart responded, “Oh, Wow!” I was confident that I had.

I’d love to know if you feel the same way.