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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today, I have no shortage of subjects to consider for my photo of the day.

At lunchtime, Katie and I went to Rotary Park and I saw the park through different eyes from those which saw the same place just a few days ago. Today, angles and perspective suggested something new.

I was almost close enough to touch a very unafraid squirrel and hear the cawing of grackles in nearby trees. After lunch, we walked to the end of the covered pier and saw several things that caused us to linger.

A fisherman had a special cart that appeared to have been a grocery shopping cart at one point in its life - but now served as a portable tackle box, cookstove and gear stow.

When we reluctantly decided to return to lunch, we saw a couple with their Labrador that was enthusiastically retrieving an old flip flop.

While I tried to capture a good photo of the dog, Katie spotted a pod of about tree river dolphins and so we returned to the end of the pier for close ups. The best I could do was get a few dorsal fins that once enlarged still seem to be odd specks among the waves.

After work, I drove to a friend's house for a glass of wine and some conversation. On my way there, I passed young men in colorful tee shirts running for what I have to assume is soccer practice.

On my way home, the sunset and dark clouds created a beautiful contrast, but while ordering pizza I felt the contrast of various wine bottles was equally entrancing. Still, the one photo that I selected for today was a "mistake." While trying to zoom in on a pelican resting near a sailboat, I captured instead five blades of grass and that pleases me.