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Thursday, October 29, 2009

By the time I left the office, I felt like Little Bo Peep's sheep. I was dragging my tail behind me. I started an hour earlier than normal, worked through lunch without a break and left half an hour later than usual. Still have five pages that I have not and probably will not proof before the paper goes to press in the morning, but it's not for lack of my effort.

I feel a little sad when I can't help make the deadline and get the pages all proofed ahead of time. Still, this deadline felt smoother than many in the past have. The paper seems to have had fewer mistakes and I think we're getting a kind of rhythm going. The deadline was moved from Friday to Thursday and I had to scramble a little, but Jill always finds a way to add special touches that simply make the paper the award-winning publication that it is.

I hope she plans to submit it into more contests in the future besides just NAMPA.

The office is a royal mess that I hope Katie and I can turn around tomorrow when she returns from her assignment. I left the proofed mockups on my chair and just walked away at the end of the day.