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Friday, October 02, 2009

The day after press day is usually interesting for a variety of reasons. Today, Katie and I were working on getting all the mailings caught up. We had several advertisers and readers call for a variety of reasons and it seemed the harder Katie tried to update the MyGuide, the more she was interrupted.

We were about to leave for lunch when Jill walked in and said she'd like to take us out for lunch. We happily agreed. She was in a loaner from Lexus and we all learned how to start a keyless car. Katie was able to find the way to explain to Jill step-by-step what she needed to do, even though Katie has never started a car with a remote fob before.

Before we turned from Murrell, I asked Jill about Viera Voice's delivery and that sparked a memory that caused her to turn around and return to the office. Her task accomplished, she took us to Amore for a very nice Italian lunch.

She didn't have much time before her next appointment and she was off!

After lunch, Katie called her friend Kate for a Facebook photo session. We all had fun and I have photos to prove it.
But, we WERE working!

At one point, Mark walked to the office and asked, "Do you do anything in this office besides laugh?"

"Yes," I told him. "We also eat chocolate."

I like working with Katie, because we accomplish much together and we laugh together. That makes the day fly by and before we knew it, 5:00 had passed. At 5:15, I was still uploading photos for Jill's meeting tomorrow.

Most of the photos from today are work related and I am not able to share them, yet.

I took a nap after talking with my mother and must have really needed to rest, because I didn't stir until Curtis came home at 8. I'm ending my day with Menage a Trois, one of the best white wines I've met this year!